Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kanye West If Trump Cares About Black People. See Kanye Fall Silent (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kanye West If Trump Cares About Black People. See Kanye Fall Silent (VIDEO)

By DKSStyle

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Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night which turned awkward when a specific question about Trump came up.

Kanye speaks openly about him wanting to support Trump earlier in the process, but having fear of what others would feel. After a year and a half, he finally found the courage to put it on, and be open about his beliefs, which was a big step for him. When asked if he regrets anything he’s said, Kanye went on a long monologue of which the message was, “we cannot live in the past.” He explains that we have history classes, but not “future classes,” meaning we do not teach the youth how to live in the future, how to thrive in the future. We do not teach how to balance check books, budget our accounts, apply for loans, nothing that is really needed in our adult lives, yet we focus so much on the past that that eventually becomes our future. Or we believe that we are still living in the past, which then ultimately means we go no where. We do not advance. We are stuck. Kanye says he learned to break that simulation, and advance. Which is how the slavery comments came about.

Jimmy then asks something many of us have thought, “You so famously and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’ It makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does or any people at all.”

To this, Kanye fell silent. And Jimmy went to a commercial break.

Overall, I believe this was a pretty good and candid Kanye interview. But for most, they will not fully grasp the ideas of what Kanye speaks because they really don’t know how to translate his messages. Or,

Check it out for yourself: