Usher Accuser Continues Her Herpes Lawsuit

Usher Accuser Continues Her Herpes Lawsuit

By Frederic Legrand - COMEO

photo credit:  Frederic Legrand – COMEO // Shutterstock

One of the Usher herpes accusers has filed a second lawsuit against the “Confessions” singer for giving her herpes and forcing her to have unprotected oral sex, a case Usher has attempted to have thrown out.

Laura Helm says her and Usher were friends at first became intimate after Usher became “overtly and continually seeking a sexual interest.” The two slept together twice, once in Atlanta in April last year and another time in New Orleans. One encounter was protected with a condom, the other was not. Soon after their interaction, Helm found bumps on her cheek and vagina, getting tested and filed the lawsuit.

Usher filed back with a lawsuit of his own saying Helm assumed any risk when she agreed to participate in unprotected casual, consensual sex with him. He also denied the accusation against him.

Helm fired back slamming the singer for refusing to take responsibility for his actions. She added that for Usher to suggest she should have brought a condom proves that he believes the responsibility of safe sex falls solely on women.

She is asking the courts to ignore Usher’s motion for the case to be dismissed.

Written by Clarke Jones