New NCAA Rules Blindsided the NBA, Players Now Able to Have Agents

New NCAA Rules Blindsided the NBA, Players Now Able to Have Agents

By Jonathan Weiss

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The NCAA has just introduced some new rules into the mix, some that have allegedly “blindsided” the NBA and USA Basketball.

The new rules are as follows,

1. Elite high school basketball recruits and college players can be represented by an agent who can help them make informed decisions about going pro.

2. Student-athletes will be able to participate in the NBA draft and return to school if undrafted, pending future action from the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association.

3. University presidents and chancellors will be personally accountable for their athletics program following the rules.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski took to Twitter to detail the response felt from the NCAA’s announcement.

“Few are pleased w/ NCAA’s handling of release,” Wojnarowski tweeted. “USA Basketball and the NBA were blindsided w/ NCAA dictating USAB would decide which HS players could eventually hire agents. USAB doesn’t have desire or infrastructure for those evaluations. If anyone has that expertise, it’s NBA.”

According to the release posted to the NCAA’s official site, the rule changes stem directly from the 2017 federal investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Baller Alert