Eric Benét Blames White Supremacy for the Way Some Rappers Behave

Eric Benét Blames White Supremacy for the Way Some Rappers Behave

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Eric Benét has a lot to say and he a message for some of today’s rappers. He posted via Instagram that he referred to rappers as an “inconvenient truth” on Augusta 5 and he received heavy support online.

The post read, “Rap artist if all you rap about is: killing Black people degrading Black women, abusing drugs, materialization, living a low life, you are not an artist. You are a Black face for white supremacy. Yo are being used to help DESTROY your own people.”

Inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.

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Eric did not call out any rappers by name; however, he did add in that it was an “inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.” Fans began to weigh on what Eric was saying. Some fans said, “Heavy statement. Unfortunately, there is some truth to it.”

Rapper Wale tried to reason with Benet saying, “Hip-Hop always had an affinity for material things. It’s part of the very fabric (no pun) but does not define players IN said genre… but I’m 3xZ doe. He got a point but it’s not the only point. (sic)”

As the debate continues via social media, What are your takes on Eric Benét’s IG post? Did he cross the line, or was he on point with his message?

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Written By: Fantasia. H