Pacman Jones Considering Lawsuit Against Airport Attacker

Pacman Jones Considering Lawsuit Against Airport Attacker

Photo Credit:  IlkerErgun // Shutterstock

Pacman Jones’ attacker from the airport has already lost his job. Now he could be facing a lawsuit. TMZ Sports was the first to beak the story, The NFL player was attacked by Frank Ragin in Atlanta International Airport on July 10. Pacman responded by defending himself.

According to TMZ, “Jones says he’s considering suing Ragin — telling Chris Simms and Adam Lefkoe on their podcast that being known as a fighter is NOT something he wants these days.” “for me like, it don’t look good for me and my kids,” Pacman says.

Pacman is trying to work his way back into the NFL after being let go by the Bengals this offseason. He is claiming Ragin’s assault is hurting his chances of doing that. “People know my reputation. People know I’m not with the bullsh*t like I don’t have to promote that. I’m promoting being a father every day, enjoying my kids, being the best dad I can be and love playing football.”

Source: TMZ Sports

Written By: Fantasia Harvey