More Drama: Alexis Skyy Claps Back at Masika !

More Drama: Alexis Skyy Claps Back at Masika !

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins // Shutterstock

Masika and Alexis Skyy clap back at one another. Alexis Skyy decided to comment on a photo comparing her and Masika Kalysha and things started to go left. Via Instagram post compared the ladies hairstyles since Masika recently rocked a yellow wig. Alexis rocked the same look a few months ago, so Alexis decided to make it known. Alexis wrote “no comparison sorry” under the photo.

Masika continued to respond when Alexis Skyy decided to keep clapping back. In the past, Fetty Wap was denying fathering Alexis’ daughter Alaiyah. Masika decided to shade Alexis over her baby’s paternity test. Via an Instagram caption, Masika says, “I got these b-itches more bothered than a DNA test that says YoU arE Not ThE FathEr.”

Alexis responds, “Chill out Sika, he doesn’t even CLAIM you either.” These ladies are going back and forth over Fetty Wap and he is nowhere to be found.

Source: Bossip

Written By: Fantasia. H