Duck Boat Crash, $100 Million Lawsuit Filed

Duck Boat Crash, $100 Million Lawsuit Filed

By Joseph M. Arseneau

photo credit: Joseph M. Arseneau // Shutterstock

Tia Coleman lost her husband, 3 children, and her in-laws in a tragic duck boat accident in Missouri. She told local news stations that the captain of the boat ensured her family they would not need life jackets, but as the boar started going down, it was too late to grab them. A total of 17 people died in the accident.

Coleman has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the owners and operator of the tourist boat saying they care more about profit than the safety of their rides. The captain still decided to do the boat tour despite design problems and warnings of severe weather. A second family has filed a lawsuit as well looking for $125,000 in damages.

The accident is currently under criminal investigation.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Shaderoom