Serena Williams Claims Discrimination After Latest ‘Random’ Drug Test

Serena Williams Claims Discrimination After Latest ‘Random’ Drug Test

Photo Credit: Leonard Zhukovsky // Shutterstock

Serena Williams does not see anything “random” on how the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency conducts its business. The tennis start recently advanced to the Wimbledon finals because being beat to Angelique Kerber. This was an impressive achievement considering Serena gave birth to a baby girl less than a year ago.

According to NESN, “But that achievement may have caught the eyes of the USADA, which, according to Williams, “randomly” selected her for another drug test Tuesday. Seren was not pleased with this development.

Accusing USADA od discrimination is not a small matter and Serena may have a case on her hands. Based on the USADA’s database, which was last updated  July 20. Serena has been drug tested five times this year, this would be her sixth drug test. No other female American tennis player has been tested more than twice this year, according to the USADA’s database.

Serena decided to take the high road.

Source: NESN

Written By: Fantasia Harvey