Odell Beckham Accused of Trying to Pay $1,000 for Sex

Odell Beckham Accused of Trying to Pay $1,000 for Sex

By Ovidiu Hrubaru

photo credit: Ovidio Hrubaru // Shutterstock

Odell Beckham Jr. is in the middle of a scandal.

He is currently being sued by a man, Ishmael Temple, who claims Beckham ordered employees to assault him while at the NFL players home back in January. As a result the man had broken teeth, leading him to sue Beckham for $15 million. Beckham denies the allegation, and his lawyers are calling it a bogus case, claiming he is being extorted.

Temple’s lawyers have added new information to the case claiming to have evidence that Beckham offered $1,000 to sleep with a girl from Arizona who was visiting Temple in L.A. Adding that they have “evidence of drugs of the most prohibited types readily available and consumed at his parties.”

According to Temple, Beckham’s camp offered $225,000 to drop the lawsuit but later revoked the offer. The case is still on-going.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ