R. Kelly Drops a 20-Minute “Confession” Song (LISTEN)

R. Kelly Drops a 20-Minute “Confession” Song (LISTEN)

Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit:  Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

R. Kelly has finally decided to response to all of the accusations against him. The Pied Piper dropped a 20-minute song addressing almost everything from the alleged sex cult of underaged women to him being a broke R&B legend.

This year the accessions against Kelly have reached an all time high as the family of the alleged brainwashed victim, Jocelyn Savage, started the hate train once again, appearing all over television sharing how Kelly took their daughter from them and have her hostage in a house full of women. Even though Jocelyn herself released multiple videos explaining she was happy with Kelly, denying that she is being held against her will. A video even surfaced of the two shopping in a mall looking very much like a couple.

After that, multiple women came out of the woodworks sharing stories of their experiences with Kelly, painting the picture as the crazed sex cult Kelly has continuously denied. Many of the women having been around the age of 18.

Following the numerous stories, the Women of Color associated with the Time’s Up Movement released an official statement asking music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify to remove Kelly’s music from their apps. Even asking RCA, Kelly’s label, and other venues who booked Kelly to perform to join the #MuteRKelly boycott. Spotify responded by removing Kelly’s music from its pre-made playlists, but not from the whole app. Users are still able to find Kelly’s music by searching.

Now, here we are. All ready to hear exactly what Kellz can say… Listen closely.