Mariah Woods Autopsy Report Released

Mariah Woods Autopsy Report Released

By Imfoto

photo credit: Imfoto // Shutterstock

The autopsy report has been released on Mariah Woods, the 3-year-old toddler who went missing last year, and was later found in a river.

It came out that she died from chloroform poisoning. According to WITN, the body was found wrapped in three white plastic trash bags that were tied around the child’s neck. The autopsy report also says the plaid couch cushion was weighted down by a portion of cement curbing. The autopsy also documents several traumatic injuries that include an abrasion over the left upper eyelid, faint purple bruise near the eye, faint abrasions over the nose and beneath the chin, an abrasion over the mid-upper lip, and two hemorrhages of the scalp.

Earl Kimrey, the live-in boyfriend of Mariah’s mother, has been charged with her murder along with felony child abuse.