Nickelodeon Relaunching “Rugrats” Show and Making Live-Action Movie

Nickelodeon Relaunching “Rugrats” Show and Making Live-Action Movie

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The “Rugrats” are making a comeback! For us 90s babies, this may be either a REALLY good thing, or a REALLY bad thing.

Nickelodeon has ordered up 26-episode of the cartoon to relaunch, and a live-action movie has also been given the green light, which will feature CGI characters. The show and movie will be brand new adventures with the gang: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica. The network plans to add a few new characters to the show as well.

We all know that relaunches can be a hit or miss, but one good thing is that the original creators of “Rugrats” will be joining this project as executive producers. If anything, we can put our trust in them, right?

A date of November 2020 is being mentioned as the release date for the movie, but \more details surrounding the cast and airdates will be announced soon!

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Variety