El DeBarge Alleged Attack Lands Him in Jail

El DeBarge Alleged Attack Lands Him in Jail

Photo Credit:  Leon Brezer // Shutterstock

The singer El DeBarge took matters into his own hands and while doing so the cops busted him for putting a wench to some guy’s windshield based on reports from law enforcement. According to TMZ, “DeBarge got into an argument Friday night in the San Fernando Valley and chased a man out of a house forcing him to retreat to a nearby RV.”

DeBarge was not deterred and followed after the guy with a wrench, where he allegedly smashed into the RV’s windshield. That’s when the other guy called the police, who arrested Debarge for felony vandalism. DeBarge did spend a night in jail before posting $20k bail.

Sources: TMZ

Written By: Fantasia Harvey