Tekashi69 Given Bail After Being Assigned to Rikers Island

Tekashi69 Given Bail After Being Assigned to Rikers Island

Tekashi was arrested this week for allegedly choked a 16-year-old boy in a Houston mall back in January. The victim, Santiago Albarran reported the incident to police claiming he ran into Tekashi and started recording him, which lead to Tekashi yelling at the kid to erase the video. Albarren say that Tekashi then grabbed him by his neck. Adding that he erased the video so he wouldn’t get hurt again. His family witnessed the whole thing and another person caught parts of the altercation on their phone.

Tekashi was denied bail when he stood in front of a judge on Friday. Tekashi has been asked a number of times to stay out of trouble and clearly he cannot do so, therefore he was not given bail. Tekashi was initially assigned to a high-security facility Rikers Island until his July 20th court date, for his protection, but it looks like Tekashis’s lawyers have worked some magic to get him bail.

He will have to pay $150,000 in New York to get released, and on Monday he’ll need to surrender in Texas to pay a $5,000 bail there as well.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ