Man Kicked Out of Greenville Mall Wearing Offensive Shirt

Man Kicked Out of Greenville Mall Wearing Offensive Shirt

Photo Credit:  Dmitrijs Kaminskis // Shutterstock

On Thursday an altercation occurred at Greenville Mall with Chris Tutt because of the shirt he wore. Chris was asked to leave the mall wearing a shirt that read, ‘F***, I’m High’ that was purchased from a Greenville Mall store “Spencers.” Chris was asked by Greenville Mall security if he wanted to stay in the mall he must turn his shirt inside out.

The altercation escalated as Chris disagreed to remove the shirt and mall security called Greenville Police and it took six police officers to approach the situation. After being able to interview Chris he believes, the shirts shows his freedom of speech and the ability to be open about he feels. A mall manager reported the shirt to Greenville security.

The mall requires to be dressed appropriately to be in the mall; however, it does not say “shirts with inappropriate sayings are not allowed.” Chris felt attacked and felt the need to stand by how he feels. Chris has not made a final decision to seek legal action just yet.

Written By: Fantasia Harvey