T.I. Is Buying Back the Hood

T.I. Is Buying Back the Hood

By JStone

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T.I. is on a mission to buy his hood back!

In 2017, the King started a real estate company called, Buy Back the Block. So far, T.I. has purchased the Bankhead Seafood building, a number of lots in his old neighborhood, along with 6 buildings. In all, he’s spent over $2 million out of his own pockets.

T.I. hopes that him buying the properties will prevent gentrification and allow those who’ve always been there, to stay. He hopes to have the properties ready by 2019 for living. One building contains over 100 units, with the other having a little less.

“Now, with the BeltLine and Mercedes-Benz Stadium a stone’s throw away, there’s an incentive to redevelop,” T.I. explained. “But I didn’t want it to be one of those situations where luxury condos go up, and people who are native are pushed out to the fringes because they can’t afford to live there. I wanted to provide development that would allow people from the area who love the community to be able to afford to stay.”

“Green spaces and gardens are incredibly important,” said T.I. “We want a movie theater, bowling, laser tag, stuff I didn’t have. I’m trying to build a community where the people within it can be proud. If they’re proud they’ll have more of a sense of wanting to maintain it.”

T.I. follows in the footsteps of fellow rapper like Slim Thug, Nipsey Hussle, and Dr. Dre, who have all put money back into their communities by building housing and educational centers.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: Atlanta Black Star