Tamar Braxton and Tank Beef Over Tamar’s Tour Band

Tamar Braxton and Tank Beef Over Tamar’s Tour Band

Photo Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson

Tamar Braxton is currently upset at R&B artist Tank after he came to the defense of her previous band members. Tamar took her issue to social media when she explained that she fired her ENTIRE tour band because they missed a show date. Her previous band members allegedly went to the Essence Musical Fest Instead. Not to mention that Tamar continued to throw shade at her ex-band members by sharing text messages and screenshots via her Insta-story.

According to Bossip, “Tamar’s petty actions rubbed Tank the wrong way and jumped to the band’s defense, jokingly telling the world and his “sis” Tamar that he was holding them hostage.” Tank attempted to take a diplomatic approach with Tamar and that did not work. Via Instagram Tank said, “they’d never intentionally miss a gig. If someone in your camp is telling you something different, which I know they are it’s a lie.”

Tamar replied, “lies you tell.” The beef between the two artists continues to pile up.

Written By: Fantasia Harvey