Joe Budden Suspects Nicki Minaj Is Using Drugs

Joe Budden Suspects Nicki Minaj Is Using Drugs

Photo Credit: Tinseltown

Joe Budden says Nicki Minaj latest online stunts point to drug use on his podcast and he doesn’t sound he’s being facetious with his opinion. According to Bossip Joe says, “Let’s all try to guess the drugs that Nicki Minaj is on. Somebody should watch her usage. Nicki Minaj is 100% on something.”

Joe believes that video of Nicki opening those Chanel gifts was confirmation because he recognized her behavior. he goes into detail on his podcast, the reason he mentions about drugs because Meek Mill talked about it. Meek talked about being hooked on pills while being with Nicki.

Not only does Joe say he has seen this before, He also states,”I think somebody should intervene, it’s getting progressively worse.”

Written By: Fantasia Harvey