Lebron James Banner Coming Down in Cleaved

Lebron James Banner Coming Down in Cleaved

Photo Credit: Scott Meivogel

The famous Lebron James banner in downtown Cleveland is officially coming down after Lebron decided to leave the city and sign with the lakers. The banner is a 10 story-tall billboard and has become iconic in Cleveland. The billboard shows Lebron doing his famous chalk throw before a game.

According to Tmz, “a Nike spokesperson said it could take a couple of days and the removal is not going to be easy.” ¬†Fans are wondering, what is going to happen to the banner? The building owner Sherwin Williams says it’s evaluating the situation on what to do with the banner.

The Cleveland Cavs official online team shop has already snatched Lebron from the front page — and they’re slashing prices on all #23 jerseys.

Written By: Fantasia Harvey