Teairra Mari Denied Restraining Order

Teairra Mari Denied Restraining Order

photo credit:  Adam J. Sablich // Shutterstock

Teairra Mari is currently suing her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and his best friend, rapper 50 cent for revenge porn. After breaking up with him, Mari’s ex logged into her Instagram account, posting explicit picture and videos of her to her account of a little over 1 million followers. His friend, 50 Cent, then reposted the pictures to his 18 million followers.

Mari put in for a restraining order against the two men, but denied her request towards 50 Cent. According to Lisa Bloom, Mari’s attorney, the judge denied the request “because she was not convinced that the photo 50 Cent posted, with ejaculate on our client’s face, showed her ‘engaging’ in a sexual act.” To that, Bloom responded saying,  “common sense dictates that photo of a woman with ejaculate on her face clearly depicts a sex act, and is the kind of humiliation the revenge porn law was designed to ban.”

The judge believes that 50 Cent will not be posting the photo again. The ex-boyfriend will face the judge later this month.

Written by Clarke Jones

Source: TMZ