Meek Mill Wants Judge Brinkley Off His Case

Meek Mill Wants Judge Brinkley Off His Case

photo credit: Randy Miramontez // Shutterstock

photo credit: Randy Miramontez // Shutterstock

Meek Mill wants Judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case, but after a split vote of 3-3, the Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court denied it, but did keep it open for change. Meek’s legal team will have the chance to bring the issue up again, in front of Judge Brinkley herself, at his upcoming court date on June 18th.

Meek’s legal team has been trying for the longest to get Judge Brinkley off the case, feeling she has a personal grudge against Meek.

Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina tells us, “We remain hopeful that the overwhelming amount of evidence in this case – and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s backing – will prompt Judge Brinkley to grant Meek a new trial, failing which we will promptly pursue all appellate remedies available to right this terrible injustice.”

Written by Clarke Jones