Trey Songz Being Sued AGAIN!

Trey Songz Being Sued AGAIN!

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Trey Songz cannot catch a break! You may remember a woman suing Trey after she tried to take a picture with him in a strip club parking lot in Philly. The woman claims when she attempted to take the picture, Songz her attacked her. Smacking her phone into her face, breaking her glasses.

Well, her cousin has now jumped into the fight, filing her own lawsuit against the singer. The cousin says the two bought VIP tickets to meet Trey, but claimed he was hostile and disrespectful towards club-goers all night. Adding that when she attempted to take a picture with Trey, he grabbed and twisted her arm and wrist, which she says sent her into a depression, leading her to ned psychiatric treatment. She says her physical injures could end up causing “cosmetic disfigurement,” according to TMZ.

No word from Trey yet.