Video Of T.I After Arrest Wanting to Know the Reason He Was Arrested (WATCH)

Video Of T.I After Arrest Wanting to Know the Reason He Was Arrested (WATCH)

By JStone

photo credit: JStone // Shutterstock

This week T.I. was arrested around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning after he was given a hard time being let into his gated community in Georgia when he forgot his key at home. The security guard refused to let him in, causing a bit of an argument. At this point, Tiny was called to confirm T.I. was a resident of the community, and he was let in.

Some time after, T.I. walks back to the security office to continue talking with the man. The security guard calls police, telling them that he has been “trapped by a resident” who has been threatening him and is now knocking on the door. In the background of the call, T.I. can be heard banging on the door, reminding the man, “I own property out here, you work for me. I asked you to step out.” T.I. can be heard expressing that the security guard has disrespected him and handled him unprofessionally, wanting to know the man’s name so he can report him to his higher authorities. The security guard doesn’t seem to know who T.I. is, unable to give his name when asked by police who the resident is.

T.i. can be heard saying the man was asleep when he arrived, and was not managing his post right.

Police eventually arrive and arrest T.I. for being drunk and disorderly. Once in the police office, a video was caught of T.I. wanting answers as to why he was arrested.

Written by Clarke Jones