Kickback Jacks Has A Dress Code?

Kickback Jacks Has A Dress Code?

By ibreakstock

photo credit:  ibreakstock // Shutterstock

Did you know that Kickback Jacks has a dress code?

A sign inside the restaurant list the dress code and behavioral requirements, including negative attitudes, offensive language, and any attire containing profanity. The list continues with no low-hanging pants or shorts, no plain white T-shirts, and no excessively baggy attire.

Backpacks, stilettos, balloons, and large parties are also not allowed.

Some believe the dress code is racially targeting and offensive, adding “that’s typically, younger African-American type attire,” said Laurie Washington, who was eating at the restaurant with her husband, told WNCT.

There are 14 Kickback Jacks in North Carolina and Virginia.

Written by Clarke Jones