15,000 Teachers Rally for Respect in Raleigh Today!

15,000 Teachers Rally for Respect in Raleigh Today!

By Chinnapong

photo credit:  Chinnapong // Shutterstock

Today is the teacher rally happening in Raleigh.

About 15,000 teachers around the state of North Carolina are attending the “Rally for Respect” and “March for Students”. More than 30 counties including Pitt, Onslow, and Wake, closed schools for the day. Similar rallies have taken place in Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado and West Virginia. This specific rally in Raleigh is to address class size caps, better pay for teachers and school resources.

According to WNCT, North Carolina teachers earn a salary of about $50,000, ranking in at 39th in the country last year. The pay is expected to increase about 1.8 percent this year, following a 4.2 percent increase in the past year.

“The group demands that legislators increase per-pupil spending to the national average, increase school construction for a growing state, and approve a multiyear pay raise for teachers and school support staff that raises incomes to the national average.”

Written by Clarke Jones