Woman Claims to Be Raped During a Party at Chris Brown’s House

Woman Claims to Be Raped During a Party at Chris Brown’s House

By Kathy Hutchins

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A woman has just come forward with a lawsuit against Chris Brown claiming that she was raped by one of Brown’s friend during a party at this house in February 2017.

Jane Doe alleges she met Lowell Grissom, one of Chris’s friends, at 1Oak nightclub in Los Angeles on Feb. 23 and he invited her and her then-roommate to an afterparty at a recording studio.

In the lawsuit, the woman says she went to Brown’s house to retrieve her phone. A female friend of Brown allegedly pushed a couch in front of the bedroom door where the woman and several other females were. She says the environment was filled with drug and porn to make the scene hyper-sexual. The woman says she did not take pills that were being passed out.

Once in the room, the female friend of Brown grabbed the woman by the throat and forced the woman to give her and a male friend of Chris, a man named Lowell Grissom, oral sex. She claims the female friend pushed her down on the bed and “literally sat on [her] face, using her legs to pin [her] down while forcing [her] to perform oral sex on her.” The woman claims that the female friend of Brown was menstruating at the time, leaving her face covered in blood. (eww!)

The lawsuit continues say, as the woman was showering, Grissom, the male friend of Brown, entered the restroom and as she tried to leave, pushed her on the bed and raped her. Later Grissom held her against the washing machine and raped her again.

During a new conference on Wednesday, the accusers lawyer, Gloria Allred of “Jane Doe” called the case “one of the most horrific cases involving alleged sexual assaults that I have ever seen.”

The suit details a series of violations that include sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault and civil rights violations.

TMZ updates that after LAPD investigated, they could not determine it the sex was consensual or forced.

Written by Clarke Jones