Bill Cosby to Get Special Treatment?

Bill Cosby to Get Special Treatment?

By Randy Miramontez

photo credit:  Randy Miramontez // Shutterstock

Last week Bill Cosby was found guilty on 3 counts of sexual assault. Each count holds a value of 10 years on prison, giving him a possibility of 30 years in prison at 80 years old.

After the verdict was read, the public immediately started debating on whether or not America’s former favorite dad would even see the inside of a prison cell due to his age, and currently medical standing. We’ve heard in the past the Cosby is now legally blind.

If he does indeed get to see the inside of the Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections, there will be a wide variety of special services available to him. According to TMZ, Cosby may have an inmate to escort him around the prison for his daily routine. If his health is bad enough, he will be assigned to a special needs cell, where daily needs will be brought to him.

Being that this is his first time in prison, and being that he is 80-years-old, he may be getting aid from one of the trained peer support specialist who will help him adjust to prison life. As far as his celeb status meaning anything on the inside, that will be evaluated as well to see if extra security measures will be taken.

In other news, check out the video below of a juror on the Cosby case. He tell why he felt the guilty verdict was no mistake.

Written by Clarke Jones