Ciara Says Future Has Missed Schedule Visits

Ciara Says Future Has Missed Schedule Visits


photo credit:  stock_photo_world // Shutterstock

Ciara and Future are having co-parenting issues again.

Ciara claims that Future is skipping out on his scheduled visits with 3-year-old Baby Future. According to the court documents and TMZ, Future doesnt show about 37% of the time, and if he does come, it’ll be at the last minute, which interfere with Ciara’s schedules. Ciara complains that when Baby Future is in Georgia, he spends most of his time with his grandma and great-grandma, instead of Future.

Ciara wants to go to mediation with Future to work out a better travel schedule for Baby Future. She says due to the exhaustion from traveling, Baby Future is having emotional breakdowns at school.

Written by Clarke Jones