Celebs Raise Money for the Waffle House Hero

Celebs Raise Money for the Waffle House Hero

By Jonathan Weiss

photo credit:  Jonathan Weiss // Shutterstock

The Waffle Hero, James Shaw Jr., saved the day when he wrestled a AR-15 out of the hands of the semi-naked Waffle House shooter, who killed 4 people and injured another 4 in a Tennessee Waffle House. Shaw, 29, has been getting nothing but praise from social media and news outlets, and now even celebs!

The GoFundMe page was started by journalist Yashar Ali, who felt inspired by Shaw’s story and more inspired to start a college fund for Shaw’s daughter or have the money used to take the Shaw family on a nice vacation.

A few Hollywood celebs like Jon Cryer of “Two & a Half Men”, Kristin Davis of “Sex in the City”, and Busy Philips from “White Chicks,” have donated to the cause, bringing the amount raised to $50,000 so far!

Davis tweeted, “I just donated and it feels good! Good to help someone who stood up and did the right thing, thank you James Shaw Jr! And I love everyone who is donating too!”

Waffle House has offered assistance to Shaw during this time, as well as offered to pay the funeral expenses for all four victims, and medical expense of the 4 injured.

The shooter was caught by Nashville police after a 35 hour manhunt.

Written by Clarke Jones