Jacquees Arrested in Miami

Jacquees Arrested in Miami

By Jamie Lamor Thompson

photo credit:  Jamie Lamor Thompson // Shutterstock

Jacquees was arrested in Miami after failing to obey instructions from a police officer. Jacquees, 23, was driving a Lamborghini on Ocean Drive when police noticed he was driving without a seatbelt. When asked to pull over, the singer refused and kept driving.

The officer, again, asked Jacquees to pull over and show his license, but again, the singer refused. The officer then had Jacquees leave his vehicle, and asked him to walk to the sidewalk so they could talk. The singer refused and told the officer to not touch him.

As a crowd started to form around the two, the cop got concerned about his safety and called for backup. Jacquees was then arrested.

“If the defendant would have complied since he was being pulled over, this incident could have been avoided,” the report said.

Written by Clarke Jones