6 Things You Could Spend Your Tax Refund On

6 Things You Could Spend Your Tax Refund On

By Bychykhin Olexandr

photo credit:  Bychykhin Olexandr // Shutterstock

With tax season approaching, many people in the ENC may be already planning to spend that money on a new car, some rims, a few bundles, or maybe your boyfriend has a “business plan” he wants you to invest in.

Well I have 6 better things you could do with that money:

  1. Pay off debit (credit card, phone bill, student loans, previous place of living, etc)
  2. Low priced stocks (There are stocks for low prices. Check out which ones are doing pretty good, and invest!)
  3. Yourself (That one thing you’ve been talking about starting, you finally can! Whether its a new business or a food truck, but whatever it is, START! Or maybe you want to go back to school for nursing or even dental assistant, DO IT! Get a certification! Need some refresh classes for your career, DO IT!)s
  4. Your children (College money, piano lessons, sports lessons, etc)
  5. Emergency funds or Saving account. Start one!
  6. Remodel Your Home/ Get your car fixed

Written by Clarke Jones