Man Sues Walmart & Dick’s Over New Gun Sale Policy

Man Sues Walmart & Dick’s Over New Gun Sale Policy

By JHVEPhoto

photo credit: JHVEPhoto // Shutterstock

After the mass shooting in Florida last month, retailers like Walmart, The Kroger Company and Dick’s Sporting Goods have changed their gun purchase age from 18 to 21.

One 20-year-old man in Oregon has decided to sue Dick’s and Walmart over the policy change, saying both retailers refused to sell him a gun.

Tyler Watson says he encountered age discrimination from the retailers when he tried to purchase a .22-caliber Ruger rifle on Feb. 24th, this was four days before the stores announced their gun purchase age change.

A Walmart spokesperson tells The Oregonian that they will defend the new policy.

Walmart Spokesman, Randy Hargrove said in an emailed statement. “As a result, we raised the age restriction for the purchase of firearms and ammunition to 21 years of age. We stand behind our decision and plan to defend it. While we haven’t seen the complaint, we will respond as appropriate with the court.”

Oregon law allows residents to buy shotguns or rifles starting at age 18. Watson claims the new policies at Walmart and Dick’s violate the state law.

Federal law bans firearms retailers from selling handguns, but not rifles or shotguns, to anyone under 21.

Written by Clarke Jones