CDC Worker STILL Missing After 2 Weeks

CDC Worker STILL Missing After 2 Weeks

By Katherine Welles

photo credit:  Katherine Welles  // Shutterstock

Something weird just happened. A CDC worker was sent home sick 2 weeks ago, and he hasn’t been seen since.

Timothy Jerrell Cunningham, 35, was last seen on February 12 at the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His dog, car, keys, wallet and phone were all found at his home by his parents.

Cunningham works as a epidemiologist, studying diseases, and is “a highly respected member of our CDC family,” said in a statement by the CDC.

Anyone with information of his whereabouts are asked to call Atlanta police.

If you are a Walking Dead fan, then you know how important it is for us to find this man.

Written by Clarke Jones