Social Media Boycotts the NRA, Companies End Relationships

Social Media Boycotts the NRA, Companies End Relationships

By Keith Homan

photo credit: Keith Homan // Shutterstock

The tour that the Florida survivors are on, may actually help make a change.

Many companies are beginning to end their relationships with the organization after social media called for a boycott. Best Western, Wyndham Hotels, Alamo Rent A Car, National Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent A Car, First National Bank of Omaha are just a few that have separated from the NRA in the past 24 hours. These companies offered discounts to members of the NRA, but those discounts will end on March 26th.

Students teachers and parents are calling for a ban of assault rifles like the AR-15, the gun used to kill 17 people in the Florida school shooting.

On Wednesday night, the students and parents were able to speak openly with Florida Senator Marco Rubio and an NRA (National Rifle Association) spokesperson. When Rubio was asked to stop taking donations from the NRA, he declined, but did say he supports children being safe at school and any law that will keep a gun out of a killers hand.

Following this town meeting, the NRA chief, Wayne LaPierre had a few words of his own. He told his thoughts on Democrats wanting to take away freedoms by taking away the second amendment right to bear arms, and shared his solution to put armed security guards on school campuses instead of trying to make new guns laws.

The NRA is one of the main organizations attacked by the Florida survivors due to their strong support in guns and donations into politicians like Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.

No word yet from the NRA.