Florida Survivors Ask Sen. Rubio if He Will Continue to Take NRA Donations

Florida Survivors Ask Sen. Rubio if He Will Continue to Take NRA Donations

By Crush Rush

photo credit: Crush Rush // Shutterstock

The survivors of the Florida school shooting last month, are continuing their fight against gun violence.

On Wednesday night, students and parents attended a town hall meeting to share thoughts and concerns with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and NRA spokespeople. There were two clear sides of the argument. Students and parents want better gun laws, and the support of Rubio, which in there opinion, means he should stop taking donations from the NRA. Sen. Rubio defended his stance on gun rights and the second amendment, while assuring survivors that he will keep them safe.

Even though no straight answer was ever given, Rubio did say he will “support any law that will prevent a killer like this from getting a gun.” That statement brings us to the concern at hand, making it harder for individuals to get guns. Rubio also stated that he supports raising the gun buying age to 21 from 18, he is open to reconsidering the six of gun magazine clips, he does not agree with Trump’s idea of arming teachers, and he gave his proposal of gun violence retraining orders, which allows parents/guardians to prevent someone from purchasing guns and gun can be taken from that person.

The students have planned two events:a National School Walk Out on March 14 and a March for Our Lives on March 24. Both events are geared towards Congress to pay more attention to stopping gun violence and having more gun control in our country.

The Walk Out calls for students, faculty, parents, and others to walk out of school for 17 minutes — one minute for each person who was killed in the Florida school shooting. And for the March for Our Lives, students and activists plan to march on Washington, DC, and other US cities.

Written by Clarke Jones