Rapper Lil Pump Arrested

Rapper Lil Pump Arrested

photo credit:  ArtOlympic // Shutterstock

Rapper Lil’ Pump was arrested on Wednesday night after firing a gun in his house.

According to Pump’s manager, three men were trying to break into his home, leading Pump fired at the door. Once police arrived, there were no suspects. Once speaking to Pump, cops said Pump was high and found many holes in his story. There was a bullet hole found in the door, and the gun was in the bushes underneath the balcony at the home.

Cops seem to believe that there were no suspects attempting to break in, and that Pump just fired the gun at the door. Police also found marijuana in the home.

Pump was arrested for discharging a weapon in a inhabited place. Pump’s mother is now under investigation for endangering a minor and having an unsecured gun at home.

Surveillance videos are the next thing to view.

Written by Clarke Jones