LaVar Ball Says Lakers Must Take All 3 Ball Brothers

LaVar Ball Says Lakers Must Take All 3 Ball Brothers


photo credit: RoidRanger // Shutterstock

After being quite for a few months now, LaVar Ball is back in the media!

Ball is now alerting NBA teams that if they sign one of his sons, they must sign them all. The immediate pressure has been placed on the Lakers, who currently house the oldest Ball brother and rookie in the NBA, Lonzo. Ball has a plan for all 3 of his sons to play on the same team by 2020-21.

LaVar warns that if the Lakers want Lonzo, 20, to resign, they’ll have to make an offer at the middle brother, LiAngelo, who was recently taken out of UCLA following his stealing controversy in China. LiAngelo, 19, and younger brother, Melo, 16, are currently playing ball overseas in Lithuania. Side note: Melo was taken out of high school.

Ball laid out his plan to Lithuanian reporter, Donatas Urbonas, telling him that if the Lakers do not draft LiAngelo this year, he will return to Lithuania to continue playing with Melo for two more seasons. By that point, Lonzo will be a free agent, and all 3 brothers will be available to whichever NBA team that is willing to sign them all.

Many see an issue with this plan being that, according to Yahoo! Sports, “the Lakers own club options on Lonzo’s contract through the 2020-21 season and can match any deal he signs in restricted free agency three years from now.”

Back in January, the boys ended a game in Lithuania with 60 points combined, 31 for Melo and 29 for Gelo.

Written by Clarke Jones