Omarosa Spills Tea on Trump (VIDEO)

Omarosa Spills Tea on Trump (VIDEO)

Jamie Lamor Thompson

Former White House staffer, Omarosa is currently on Celebrity Big Brother, where she is spilling the tea on her former boss, President Donald Trump.

Many of us often wondered why Omarosa took the White House job with such a monster being in office. Why would she seemingly support that type of person? Well it looks like she decided to have a heart to heart with housemate, Ross Matthews. Sources say this is exactly what the producers of Big Brother wanted, for her to speak openly on her White House experiences. It seems the producers have made that a little easier by being a little less strict with the alcohol intake rules for this season.

Omarosa explains how she felt that she had to take the job, ultimately playing the victim role. Things got a little heated when Keishia Knight Pullman tried to verbally attack Omarosa for taking the position under Trump, but Omarosa made sure Keishia knew it was no different from her support Bill Cosby during his sexual assault case.


Written by Clarke Jones