The Cavs Trade Half the Team in Less Than 24 Hours!

The Cavs Trade Half the Team in Less Than 24 Hours!


photo credit:  charnsitr // Shutterstock

Today has been super eventful and, I’m sure, anxiety-filled for players of The Cleveland Cavs.

On Wednesday, there was rumor talk between the Cavs and Hornets for Kemba Walker. But on Thursday, we woke up to half of The Cavs team being traded, with no Hornets or Kemba even in the mix.

As of Thursday, The Cavs have traded Isaiah Thomas & Channing Frye to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. It didn’t end there. They have traded Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder, who will both go to Utah, giving The Cavs Rodney Hood and George Hill. As a part of that arrangement, Iman Shumpert will go to the Kings.

As far as Derrick Rose goes, Utah may already be thinking about letting him go, but the Timberwolves may pick Rose up if he clears waivers.

As for LeBron’s bestie, Dwayne Wade, he is heading back to South Beach! Wade will return to the Miami Heat.

So overall today, The Cavaliers traded:

Isaiah Thomas

Jae Crowder

Derrick Rose

Iman Shumpert

Channing Frye

Dwayne Wade

1st Rounder

They picked up:

George Hill

Rodney Hood

Jordan Clarkson

Larry Nance Jr.

MIA 2nd Rounder

And kept the Nets pick.


As of now, it looks like Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristian Thompson is okay, along with JR Smith. But with how things are going today, it seems like no one is really safe!

Stay Tuned!

Written by Clarke Jones