Father of Victim Attacks Larry Nassar in Court (VIDEO)

Father of Victim Attacks Larry Nassar in Court (VIDEO)

Leonard Zhukovsky

Photo credit:  Leonard Zhukovsky // Shutterstock

Court got very interesting when one of the fathers of Larry Nassar’s victims attempted to attack the man.

The father of Lauren Margraves, Randall Margraves, started by asking the judge if he could get 5 minutes alone with Nassar, calling him a demon. When the judge denied his request, he tried to negotiate, asking for at least 1 minute alone with him. When it was denied a second time, Randall decided to rush Nassar.

Officers got to him right as he hit the table Nassar was sitting at, but the attack clearly didn’t go as planned. Randall was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs.

Written by Clarke Jones