Did Monique Lie About Her Netflix Offer?

Did Monique Lie About Her Netflix Offer?

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Last week, Monique tried to convince us all to boycott Netflix.

Well new information has come out suggesting that Monique was offered well over the $500,000 she claims Netflix offered. MTO is reporting that the initial Netflix offered was around $3 million, but it required a live audition, something Monique felt she shouldn’t have to do. Monique called the audition process “beneath her”, so she turned it down. Adding that if Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart didn’t have to audition, then neither should she.

A source from Netflix says that Monique and her husband contacted them to do the special, therefore it was not something in the company’s original budget, but they were willing to give her the $3 million if she auditioned for the staff and was chosen. After she refused, the $500,000 was offered. Netflix says if Monique had got about it the right way, the contracts would already be signed.

This is not the first time Monique has had issues with people in the industry. Last year she had issues with Tyler Perry, Oprah and Lee Daniels, who claimed she was difficult to work with.

Monique has taken shots at a few other people including Roland Martin and journalist Jawn Murray, who both had quite a lot to say back. Murray reads off the list of people Monique has had issues with in the past (19:00), he reads off the letter that the “Almost Christmas” producer, Will Packer write explaining how Monique was rude to staff (21:50), and he speaks on Monique’s original offer from Netflix (30:13).