LeBron James Becomes Youngest Player to Reach 30,000 Points!

LeBron James Becomes Youngest Player to Reach 30,000 Points!

Jamie Lamor Thompson

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Some call him the G.O.A.T., and if he hasn’t already proven that title to you, his latest accomplishment will do it.

LeBron James has just become the youngest player, at 33, in NBA history to score 30,000 points in his career. He is the 7th player in history to join the 30,000-point club, transcending Kobe Bryant, who hit the same mark at the age 34.

There is no doubt that his winning game on Tuesday night against the Spurs, will forever hold a place in his heart and memories, bringing his career total of points to 30,021.

According to ESPN, James joins others like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Kobe Bryant (33,643), Michael Jordan (32,292), Wilt Chamberlain (31,419) and Dirk Nowitzki (30,837 and counting).

Wanna be one of the first to Congratulate you on this accomplishment/achievement tonight that you’ll reach! Only a handful has reach/seen it too and while I know it’s never been a goal of yours from the beginning try(please try) to take a moment for yourself on how you’ve done it! The House you’re about to be apart of has only 6 seats in it(as of now) but 1 more will be added and you should be very proud and honored to be invited inside. There’s so many people to thank who has help this even become possible(so thank them all) and when u finally get your moment(alone) to yourself smile, look up to the higher skies and say THANK YOU! So with that said, Congrats again Young King 🤴🏾! 1 Love! #striveforgreatness🚀 #thekidfromakron👑

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Written by Clarke Jones