TBS Sued for Holding Back Black Employees

TBS Sued for Holding Back Black Employees

Katherine Welles

photo credit:  Katherine Welles // Shutterstock

Wanda Byrd is a former employee for television station TBS, where she worked for 13 years.

Byrd claims that when it came time for a promotion, she was overlooked for a less-skilled and qualified white man. In her lawsuit, Byrd claims that black employees at TBS have significantly lower promotion rate than Caucasians. She even says that company segregates its employees by keeping black employees in “less powerful and non-revenue generating” areas of the company. Adding that zero people of color have ever obtain the title of senior VP or higher.

Along with her personal lawsuit, Byrd wants the case to be a class action suit against TBS, CNN and Time Warner.

The networks have made no comment.