Greenville Police Officer Arrested for Assaulting a Woman

Greenville Police Officer Arrested for Assaulting a Woman


photo credit:  ArtOlympic // Shutterstock

Greenville police officer Ryan Kurtz was arrested on Sunday night for assaulting a woman.

Kurtz was arrested at the scene in Pitt County, where a woman had visible injuries. Kurtz has been charged with communicating threats, assault on a female and assault by strangulation.

Kurtz has been with the Greenville Police Department since 2011. He was been placed on administrative leave without pay and all of his police powers have been suspended.

Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman released this statement, “I’m very troubled and concerned by any allegations involving domestic violence. Sadly, this is an issue that is all too familiar in our communities and no one is exempt. The Greenville Police Department is committed to assisting all victims of domestic violence. We will cooperate fully with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the case is thoroughly investigated.”

Written by Clarke Jones