Eminem Takes Shots at Critics Who Bashed “Revival” Album (LISTEN)

Eminem Takes Shots at Critics Who Bashed “Revival” Album (LISTEN)

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Before 2017 ended, Eminem came out of hiding and released his ninth studio album “Revival”.

His single with Beyonce “Walk on Water” seemed to be a hit as the rapper talk on being self-concious  when it comes to his music, but the critics on the other hand were not a fan of the rappers full project. Some even called it the worst album of 2017. Sheesh..

Well Eminem is clapping back at critics who were not a fan of his Trump-bashing and truth speaking. Eminem released the remix of “Chloraseptic” featuring Phresher & 2 Chainz, which some are calling a diss track.

In one part Eminem raps:

Not as raw as I was, ’Walk On Water’ sucked? 

B***h, suck my dick

Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it

So you formed your verdict

While you sat with your arms crossed

Did your little reaction videos and talked over songs

Nah dog, y’all saying I lost it, your f**king marbles are gone.