16 Electronic Gifts for Christmas 2017!

16 Electronic Gifts for Christmas 2017!

1. iPhone 8Plus/iPhone X ($999+)

  • New functions like Face ID where you can unlock the phone by looking at it, higher quality cameras, wireless charging, OLED display, and front facing speakers!

2. Amazon Echo ($99)

  • Okay, this product has already been out – they’ve just upgraded it by adding the multiroom audio support so that you can now plat music in different rooms in your house. It is also smaller than the original!

3. Apple Airpods ($159)

  • No strings attached, literally! So, this product as y’all know are just the regular-degular-shmegular Apple earbuds without a cord. Apparently their battery life is great and can be recharged in the case they come in.

4. Apple Watch Series 3 ($329+)

  • They have two models LTE, which allows you to take phone calls/stream music while you’re away from your phone, and GPS-only lets you do the same thing ONLY if your phone is nearby.

5. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 ($649+)

  • This iPad is a lot lighter than the previous ones, will allow you to showcase apps side-by-side , and more! Also, if you’d like to spend an extra $99 you can get the Apple pencil to go with it!

6. Google Home ($129)

  • Pretty much like the Amazon Echo, does everything it can do (better? I don’t know.) However, it pretty much depends on company preference.

7. August Home Products

  • This company sells top-notch smart home security products.
  • ($149)  Smart Lock – You can unlock/lock your door with the August App!
  • ($199) Doorbell Camera – The app will tell you when someone’s approaching your door, you can even pull up a live video feed!

8. Samsung Galaxy S8 ($725)

  • I gueeessss, if you’re an Android person this would be a great gift! No, but really! The screen pours over the edges of the phone, it can be paired with Samsung’s virtual reality headset, more storage, high-quality cameras, and more!

For the Younger Crowd

9. Laser X ($40-$50 ea)

  • The “real-life laser gaming experience”. I just might have to get a younger cousin one of these just so I can play with it. You can get two different types of guns along with the gaming tower. Each item has it’s own price set – but you can get the whole set for about  $116.

10. Razor X Cruiser Skateboard ($TBA)

  • This electric skateboard can get up to 40mins of use through it’s rechargeable battery packs. It can even be controlled by a separate remote control with a stop and go slider where you can also control the speeds (highest being 10mph!).

11. Hogs Helix X4 ($129.99)

  • This drone has been rated the best on LifeWire.com, it can handle the wear-and-tear of beginners, has a charge time of 45-60minutes, and has a flight distance fo 40 meters!

12. Orbo Bluetooth Kids Smartwatch ($35)

  • This watch comes with a lot of fun, interactive, learning games teaching them how to read time, answer math problems and solve puzzles. If the watch is connected to a phone they can answer calls from family members! They can even take selfies on the watch’s camera!

13. Hatchimals ($70)

  • These are toy animals that hatch out of eggs… even puppies with wings!

14. Nintendo Switch Console ($300)

  • Coolest thing about this new home video game system? You can take it on the go! You can play single and multiplayer games, play is as a controller, or take off the joystick pieces and play with those!

15. Microsoft Xbox One X ($499)

  • This gaming system beats the PS4 Pro in 4L ultra-high-defintion visuals! And it’s already here, stores stocked these bad boys on November 7th.

16. Sphero R2-D2 ($179)

  • If your child is a Star Wars fan, this would be one of the greatest gifts of all time! R2-D2 is controlled by a remote and/or your smartphone! Creators have made sure the motions and sounds were exactly right!

Written by: QC – Read more of her stories here!