Local Artist Spotlight

Local Artist Spotlight

If you are a local, independent artist in ENC and you want your music heard right here on our local spotlight playlist, send it to 101.9 Kiss FM!

There are a few requirements you must meet to be on our Spotlight Artist Playlist:

  • Is your song copy written?

  • Is it on BDS? ASCAP? Mediabase?

  • What are your streaming #s looking like?

  • Where are the links to your music?

  • How many views do you have on YouTube?

  • Do you help out in your community?

  • Is your music on iTunes? Spotify?

Send your music inquiries to jane@1019online.com, djkaoss@1019online.com and chadaej@1019online.com
  • Include your artist/group name, city you rep, a short bio, the name of the song
  • The song must be a CLEAN edit and in a Soundcloud link only
  • Song/s must use original beats
  • Do not attach MP3’s or any other files, if you send a file we will not open it
  • You must reside in the 101.9 Kiss FM listening area and be an unsigned/independent artist


If you meet all these qualifications and your song/s sounds hot for spotlight, you’ll get an email with the notification that your song has been chosen!

Let’s hear what you’ve got!!