Your VOICE is your VOTE

Your VOICE is your VOTE


Effective July 27th 2022
• Anyone not currently in jail or prison serving time for a felony conviction
can register and vote. Even if you are on probation, parole, post release supervision, owe
restitution, or house arrest.
• In the state of NC anyone that is 16 & 17 years old can pre-register to vote.
• If you were born on or before November 8, 2004 you can vote this November in the general election.
Your vote is your voice!
Use your voice and make it count!

101.9 Kiss FM partnered up with The North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute to help Eastern North Carolina prepare for the General Election this November. If you have questions, need more information or need to register to vote, you can find the NCAPRI team at 101.9 Kiss FM’s LIVE Broadcast remotes.

REGISTER TO VOTE: The North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute

NCAPRI is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1965 by Asa Phillip Randolph and Bayard Rustin. Randolph was one of the greatest black labor leaders in American history and the father of the modern civil rights movement. Bayard Rustin was a leading civil rights and labor activist and strategist. He was also the chief organizer of the historic 1963 march on Washington. Randolph and Rustin recognized that blacks and working people of all colors share the same goals: political & social freedom & economic justice. Together, Randolph and Rustin formed an alliance between the civil rights movement and the labor movement, and founded the A Philip Randolph Institute to continue the work for for social, political and economic justice for all working Americans.