BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Trump Protesters Raid the Capitol Building

photo credit:  hikrcn//shutterstock

The U.S. Capitol was raided with chaos on Wednesday, as supporters of President Trump, responding to his call to head there, breached the complex, resulting in violence in the seat of America’s federal government. The surreal and dangerous scene interrupted proceedings in the House and Senate, as members of Congress were tallying President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. Violent protesters were seen smashing windows and occupying the House and Senate floors and various offices. Police were seen with guns drawn in the House chamber, pointing their firearms at windows that were smashed.

People inside the building were told to shelter in place, and members of Congress were told that tear gas was being used in the Capitol. A few U.S. citizens were concerned and D.C. residents began to question how the protestors got in the Capitol Building to begin with. A person suffering from a gunshot wound was transported by Washington, D.C., emergency medical services from the Capitol, an official with knowledge of the matter tells NPR.

On Twitter, Trump asked people to remain peaceful. He then uploaded a video on Twitter, asking people to go home and saying again that he feels the election was stolen and saying: “You’re very special.”