Some Workers Decide To Stay Home After Purdue Farm Positive COVID-19

photo credit: EQRoy // Shutterstock

There has been a positive test at the Perdue Farms plant in Lewiston-Woodville, that caused about some employees to stay home on Wednesday. 

Diana Souder, Perdue corporate communications director said some 60 employees protested going to work on Wednesday. She said more than 1,700 work at the plant. Souder told WITN the employees who wouldn’t work were not fired.

The county says Perdue took “extraordinary measures” several weeks ago to prevent cases within their plants. Those included using private contractors as well as in-house cleaning/decontamination services, temperature checks, masks, gloves, in addition to normal food and safety protocols.

A medical facility for workers is also available in Lewiston, according to the county.

Perdue also says it has given hourly workers a $1-per-hour pay raise, while piece rate employees, such as truck drivers, have received a $40-per-week pay increase through May 10th.

Source: WITN